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Being wary of an early settlement could pay off in the long run

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur at an alarming rate, many of which have the potential to end in disaster. Perhaps the negligent actions of another driver caused you to suffer serious injuries. Along with any immediate pain and/or discomfort you may be experiencing, your finances might have taken a hit as well.

Chances are you may be in search of financial relief following the incident, and an insurance company might even offer you a quick settlement to ease your financial woes. However, an early settlement may be insufficient to cover your expenses, especially since certain injuries might not appear until several days after the collision.

Injuries that can exhibit delayed symptoms

Some accident injuries may not appear immediately, but once developed, they can be just as painful and challenging to overcome. Examples of certain injuries that commonly exhibit delayed symptoms often include the following:

  • Head:  Injuries to the head can range from a mild concussion to a traumatic brain injury. Even if you only experience headaches after the crash, you should seek medical attention to ensure there are no underlying causes thereof, such as a blood clot.
  • Neck/shoulder:  Commonly caused by whiplash, injuries to the neck and/or shoulder area can occur even in collisions at low speeds and often take time to fully develop.
  • Back:  Symptoms of back pain could appear days after a collision takes place, and such injuries could lead to long-term or even permanent damages.
  • Stomach:  If you begin having abdominal pain after an accident, seeking medical attention is advisable, as such pain could indicate internal bleeding, which can be dangerous if left alone.

In addition, accident victims may also experience numbness or tingling in extremities, and seeking medical attention at the first sign of injury is advisable. Such a traumatic incident could also cause you to experience psychological issues, such as PTSD, which can be as harmful and debilitating as any physical injury.

Seeking assistance for pursuing compensation

Suffering serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision can create various hardships in life. The financial ramifications of such an event can also be challenging to manage, and you might be in search of some much-needed compensation. However, even if you are aware of all your injuries, negotiating with an insurance company can be stressful and intimidating.

You could speak with a personal injury attorney for guidance and assistance in navigating this challenging process. An attorney in Kentucky can evaluate the incident, address your injuries as well as your current and future financial needs, and assist you in pursuing the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to receive.