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Make your parenting agreement work for you all year long

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2017 | Divorce

If you are going through the divorce process and you have children, you will have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to custody arrangements. Child custody matters can be difficult to resolve, but it is possible to create a parenting agreement that works for you and serves the best interests of your kids.

One issue that parents in Kentucky may find with parenting agreements is figuring out how to make them work with all the plans they may have throughout the year. The key to making a parenting plan work for you all year long really is in the details.

Purpose of a parenting agreement

Parenting agreements, also known as settlement or custody agreements, simply provide the information of your custody arrangements in written form. A parenting agreement is a legally enforceable document, so if any issues arise down the line, you can go to court or seek other assistance in order to have the problem addressed.


Parenting agreements often involve an intricacy of details. They typically include information regarding:

  • Physical custody arrangements
  • Visitation schedules
  • Legal custody arrangements
  • Holiday, vacation and summer schedules
  • Approved conflict resolution methods
  • Information regarding acceptable forms of communication

The details about holidays and summer schedules are what really matter if you are concerned about making sure your parenting agreement works all year long. Some parents will want different custody arrangements over their kids’ summer break versus throughout the school year. There will also be those who will want to already have plans in place determining how splitting holidays should be done in order to allow for adequate vacation planning.

If you know you want certain custody arrangements for specific times of the year, taking the time to include those in a parenting agreement will be well worth it.

Negotiations and court approval

Custody decisions can be made between parents either through private negotiations, mediation or through litigation. Regardless of how you reach your custody, court approval is always required in order to make sure the arrangements meet state standards and that they truly serve the best interests of the affected children.

How can an attorney help me?

It can take time to create a parenting agreement that really works for you and your family. This is understandable, as every parent just wants to do the best they can for their children. With the assistance of legal counsel, coming to acceptable child custody terms may be done in a swift and smooth manner. Your attorney will listen to your concerns and wants for a parenting plan and help you take the steps necessary to achieve the parenting agreement you desire.