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Though national attitudes are shifting, marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Marijuana

Marijuana use has become increasingly accepted in the United States, with several states legalizing or decriminalizing its use. . Despite more widespread acceptance, marijuana remains illegal on the federal level and in many states, including Kentucky.

Many Kentucky residents use marijuana both medicinally and recreationally. A 2014 survey found that 5.6 percent of Kentucky residents over the age of 12 used marijuana at least once in the prior month.

Vermont, Alaska, and Rhode Island topped the 2014 marijuana use list, with nearly 13 percent of residents using marijuana in the past month. The lowest monthly marijuana usage rates were in Utah and Kansas, with fewer than five percent of the population using it in the past month.

About 60 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized, according to Reason magazine. Pundits predict Florida will be the first southern state to legalize it.. As mentioned above, it is still illegal in Kentucky. Possession results in serious criminal penalties. Marijuana-related charges vary significantly, as do the penalties imposed


In Kentucky, possession of marijuana is the most common drug crime. For amounts less than 8 ounces, the maximum penalty for a first-time marijuana possession charge is a fine up to $250 and 45 days in jail. For larger amounts of marijuana, fines and jail time are vastly more significant.

Legal advocacy is crucial

If you have been charged with marijuana possession, or any other drug crime, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense lawyer can assess the best course of action in your case given the total circumstances and evidence. Together, you can plan a strategy that gives you the best possible outcome for your case.