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Back safety is imperative for all physical laborers

People who have physically demanding jobs often wonder what they can do to remain as safe as possible work. One of the best things they can do is take steps to alleviate the possibility of suffering from a back injury. Many people don't take the time to think about how devastating it can be if they have one of these injuries

Pneumoconiosis: A serious risk for coal miners

Pneumoconiosis leads to shortness of breath and coughing. The condition is associated with individuals who have spent time in coal mines. It is subject to special provisions in the state's workers' compensation program. These include enhanced benefits for vocational rehabilitation and income replacement.

Shoulder pain can lead to costly medical care and missed work

Many injuries can occur at work, but most people think about their back hurting because of work-related issues. While this is the most common type, another can cause just as many problems for workers. Shoulder injuries are the second most common musculoskeletal injury in the workforce. Around 18 to 26% of adults have pain in the shoulder.

Back protection is imperative for day care workers

Day care workers face some serious risks when they are working with children. While the payoff of seeing the kids thrive and mature is worth it, these risks can cause some serious issues for the workers. All day cares should have a protocol for keeping everyone safe. When this doesn't happen, there can be catastrophic injuries.

Pay attention to your workers' compensation claim

All workers deserve a safe place to work, and the employers are the ones who are charged with ensuring this happens. When there are unsafe working conditions, there is a chance that a worker will suffer an injury or illness. This means that they will need medical care and may have to miss work. Naturally, a workplace injury can impact the worker's finances. Workers' compensation is one way that an injured worker might be able to minimize the impact that injuries can have on their finances.

Staying safe while working around chemicals

A list of major industries in Richmond shows a variety of them use chemicals in manufacturing everything from paint and rubber components to machined automotive parts of many different types. There are also many makers of products that include lead acid batteries, vinyl construction products, air, gas and liquid purifiers, insulated electrical cable, and more, large machine shops. And then there is a pilot plant for the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles. It’s fair to say that chemicals are a big part of business here, according to the above information from the Richmond Industrial Development Corp.

State approves fee increase on workers' comp claims

Those who are injured while on the job in Richmond are rightly entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help assist them financially until such point as they are able to return to work. It should be remembered, however, that benefit providers do not remain in business by paying out on very claim that they receive. Thus, the news of workers' compensation claim denial should not come as a complete shock. Yet it also should not signal the end of one's quest for benefits. 

Ways to make the manufacturing industry safer

Despite the rise of automation in the manufacturing industry, humans remain the driving factor behind success. Along with the progress of technology in this field often comes the mistaken assumption that employees in this line of work are surrounded by safer environments. While working areas as a whole have become less hazardous over recent years, manufacturing in Kentucky can nevertheless come with many inherent risks. 

Workers' compensation: current outlook and common issues

Most Kentucky workers are familiar with the safety guidelines and procedures affiliated with employment -- at least, to some degree. When an accident occurs, however, few know the ins and outs of the workers' compensation process. Before diving into a case, employees may want to consider current changes in the state's system, as well as some of the common hiccups of this procedure.

What are "The Fatal Four?"

You have good reason to take pride in the work you do in the construction industry. The growth seen in communities like Richmond may be the direct result of the efforts given by you and your coworkers. Yet with the rewards that come from a career in construction also come increased risks to your safety. Construction is widely recognized as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, with countless participants sustaining injuries every year. Often, those injuries prove to be fatal. 

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