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Defining a change in circumstances

An important point to remember about divorce is that the obligation placed on separated parents in Richmond to pay child support is by no means meant to be punitive. Thus, if one obliged to pay such support experiences a dramatic change to his or her material circumstances, he or she may have the option to modify what is owed. Per information gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau, over $33.7 billion was due in child support in the U.S. in 2015 alone. Family court officials realize that those whose payments contribute to that amount cannot meet their obligations if fines and penalties are constantly assessed against them if they are already struggling to do so.

Man arrested for killing soon-to-be ex-wife

It goes without saying that a good deal emotion is invoked when couples choose to divorce in Richmond. Issues such as property division, child support and alimony can promote contention between the parties involved (who already likely feel a degree of tension and animosity towards each other due to the circumstances that ended their marriages). The hope is that if that emotion does indeed manifest itself, it happens in a safe environment (such as a courtroom) where it can be easily controlled. However, it is impossible to know when emotional outbursts surrounding a divorce may occur, or how extensive their effects may be. 

Explaining divorce to younger family members

Divorce is hard enough when two people are involved; when children are part of the picture, matters can quickly become confusing. Many Kentucky residents may wonder, who will get custody? Will the child's routine undergo change? Will the child understand? This last question is one that plagues many, as explaining a marital separation -- especially to younger ears -- can prove to be complicated. 

The effects of divorce on the body and mind

Most Kentucky residents going through divorce are well aware that stress and separation often go hand in hand. Even when divorce is inevitable, the effects can ebb and flow for months, and even years, after a separation. There is no single answer to coping after divorce, but there some approaches that can help families pick up the pieces. 

Dealing with the many stages of divorce

Divorce is a truth many Kentucky couples must face, and while starting a new chapter can be exciting, getting through the harder aspects can present numerous obstacles. Those with children must tackle child custody and support, as well as living arrangements and an entirely new routine. With the many rocky emotions that can come with difficult separations, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet as isolating as this major life change may seem, millions go through divorce and walk away with happier and healthier lives. 

Child custody battles and the safety of children

Poverty affects America in its own ways. Due to various factors, such as unemployment or even minimum wage, many parents in Kentucky face pressing circumstances with their children. It is not uncommon for children of low-income, single parents to be left alone while the parent goes to work. Other situations reveal the dark truth behind closed doors: some children are left without proper nutrition, as well. When the other parent of this child discovers their unhealthy living situations, however, they may decide to fight for full custody.

Can I get alimony in Kentucky?

When it comes to alimony awards, Kentucky is like many other states in its requirements and conditions. According to the Kentucky statutes, the judge hearing your case has a considerable amount of discretion when deciding whether to grant your request for spousal maintenance. However, there are some standard considerations that must be reviewed before payment is awarded or denied.

Domestic violence prompts former reality TV star to seek divorce

Domestic violence is a dirty little secret that many married couples in Richmond may be harboring. Oftentimes, the spouses that are experiencing such abuse would like nothing more than to end their marriages, yet they fear that any attempts to do so may simply prompt more violence. Worse yet, they may believe that their abusers will then extend their wrath to their children, their extended families or even their friends. Thus, many choose to suffer in silence, thinking that there is no escape from the nightmare they are being forced to live. 

The benefits of a QDRO for divorcing spouses

Among the many things that divorcing spouses in Kentucky are commonly concerned about is the loss of precious assets. This is understandable because those assets deemed to be joint and part of the marital estate are frequently split in some fashion between both spouses when a marriage ends. One type of asset often included in the property division settlement is the 401K account.

Reviewing the process of parental relocation

Imagine being offered a job outside of Richmond that will require you to relocate with your kids. Or, picture getting a call from your ex-spouse saying that he or she wants to move to another state with your children.  Many of the past clients that we here at Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks and Baechtold have worked with have faced both scenarios. They can tell you that before you make your move (or your ex-spouse makes his or hers), state law requires that certain procedures be followed.

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