Have you been prevented from volunteering at your child’s school or lost employment opportunities because of your criminal record? If so, we have exciting news. As of July 15, 2016, certain Class D felony convictions can be expunged in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. To see if you are eligible to take advantage of this new expungement law, please contact us by phone or e-mail for a free consultation.

Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workers' Compensation Attorneys Representing You

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance for those who have sustained a serious injury, medical condition or an occupational disease at work. After an unfortunate accident, a victim may be forced to miss work and lose wages while incurring major medical expenses.

Workers' compensation lawyers at Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold have abundant experience representing applicants seeking workers' compensation insurance, including:

  • Workers' recovery of medical expenses
  • Occupational disability, whether temporary total, permanent total, or permanent partial
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Obtaining workers' compensation can prove particularly difficult. You should know that you can appeal an adverse decision. An attorney can help you accurately and completely file paperwork while helping you through every stage of the application and appeals processes. Needless to say, these benefits are of crucial help for victims who need to cover a multitude of expenses, including:

  • Medical care
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits designed to at least partially replace lost wages
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits

Don't attempt to navigate this process on your own. A modest investment in a skilled attorney can substantially improve your chances for success. If you live in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky, or surrounding counties, give us a call to discuss your work injury. If you have been hurt on the job and are forced to miss work for lengthy periods of time, you could qualify for workers' compensation.

Contact Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold at 859-623-3049 for help with a workers' compensation application today.