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College Student Crimes

What Are College Student Crimes?

College student crimes are every bit as serious as those committed by people outside of schools. While there is sometimes an impression that college campuses are "safe-zones" where students are impervious to existing state and federal laws, this is simply not the case. Indeed there are some limited instances where a college or university will handle an issue of misconduct or unscrupulous behavior internally, but actual crimes can and will be prosecuted.

Toward that end, smoking marijuana, underage drinking and public urination may be viewed with a nonchalant attitude in some circles, but in reality these remain crimes that can lead to serious punishments.

While it's essential for college students to treat their charges with the seriousness that they deserve, one need not view their case as a lost cause either. Indeed there are methods of challenging the charges you face and some courts will show a willingness to minimize penalties knowing college students sometimes make careless mistakes that could affect their academic futures.

Advocates To Represent Your Interests

As a result, a plea bargain or alternative sentencing plan may afford students the ability to avoid more serious sentences. Attorneys at Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold have ample experience representing college students dealing with a variety of crimes and we will employ our skills to help you in any way possible.

Our criminal defense firm in Richmond, Kentucky, has experience defending college students against a range of charges — including felonies and misdemeanors — and will work with both the administration and the authorities whenever possible to reach a plea deal that leads to a lesser charge. We are intimately familiar with the relevant laws, as well as the administrative policies at major colleges and universities in Madison County and surrounding counties.

This means that our lawyers will not only fight to dismiss your charges, they will make every possible effort to ensure that a criminal charge, or conviction, doesn't affect involvement in student clubs, athletic programs and study abroad opportunities. In more serious cases, we will make every possible effort to prevent an expulsion.

College costs thousands of dollars and is a major investment in your future. Don't risk throwing away your education because you lacked proper legal representation.

If you have been charged with a college student crime in Madison County, Kentucky, or surrounding counties, contact the experienced team at Shumate, Flaherty, Eubanks & Baechtold at 859-623-3049 for assistance today.